Invisalign consists of wearing a series of clear aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. It often used as an alternative treatment method to traditional metal braces. Adults, teens, and adolescents are always wondering what it is like to have Invisalign treatment and are often conflicted between choosing Invisalign or traditional braces for treatment. Before opting for Invisalign, here are some things you should know about the treatment.

1. The aligners are virtually invisible.

Invisalign clear aligners fit your teeth snugly and discreetly – many people won’t even notice that you have aligners in! At Cooney Orthodontics (Offices in Troy & Ballston, Lake NY), numerous patients, like Isabelle in Saratoga Springs, tell us how a lot of their friends didn’t know they had Invisalign. haven’t even noticed that they are wearing Invisalign. This subtlety could be beneficial to individuals who want a straight smile but don’t want others to notice their braces.

2. The cost is around the same as metal braces.

Some people think that Invisalign treatment is significantly more expensive than traditional metal braces. However, in most cases, the cost is actually very similar! To get an accurate cost estimate of how much treatment will cost for your unique dental situation, schedule a consultation with your orthodontist. To schedule a consultation with a top-rated Invisalign provider in Upstate New York, visit Cooney Orthodontics!  You can search the Invisalign site

3. You’ll have the flexibility to take your aligners out to eat and drink.

Unlike with metal braces, you can take out your Invisalign aligners throughout the day. Recommended wear time is at least 22 hours per day, but you will have the ability to take your aligners out for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth, which eliminates the food restrictions that exist with traditional braces. You would also have the option to remove your aligners for important meetings or events.

4. Treatment with Invisalign isn’t very painful.

You may experience discomfort for the first few weeks while your teeth are getting used to the feeling of wearing aligners; however, people who have Invisalign treatment do not report feeling extreme pain or discomfort. In fact, they often comment on the comfortability of the aligners!

5. Invisalign treatment is appropriate for all ages.

Many people think that Invisalign is only for young adults & teens, but it is never too late to transform your smile. Invisalign offers a variety of treatment options for people of all ages. In some cases, it may even be better for adults to have Invisalign treatment so you can straighten your teeth discreetly and with minimal impact to your daily routine!

6. How does Invisalign compare to the do-it-yourself clear aligner clubs that offer big discounts?

Many online orthodontic companies, such as SmileDirectClub, Candid Co., SmileLove, SnapCorrect, Orthly, etc., offer home aligner kits that promise discounts of up to 60% compared to receiving treatment with an orthodontist. While this sounds great, there are actually a lot of risks to consider before starting treatment with a direct-to-consumer company. To learn more about at-home clear aligner treatment vs. Invisalign with a top professional click here.


Invisalign clear aligners can allow you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with freedom and flexibility. To learn more about Invisalign and to find top-tier Invisalign treatment options in New York’s Capital Region, visit Invisalign Albany.