This week is Dental Hygienist Week – a time to celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of dental hygienists all over the country!

Did you know that Dental Hygienists don’t just work in a dentist office, but also in Orthodontics, assisting with braces, Invisalign, and patient care? Learn about a Registered Dental Hygienist’s experience working at a Orthodontist office in Albany, NY:

“What I love most about being an Orthodontic Dental Hygienist is the variety throughout my every day schedule. Rather than doing general hygiene every moment of the day, I’m working with braces, placing and removing Invisalign attachments, educating patients, administrating 3D digital scanning, and more!

my experience in general dentistry helped to mold my skills in patient interaction and clinical excellence, all procedures I do as an Orthodontic Hygienist are learned on the job in real time. Having baseline instrumentation skills, ergonomics knowledge, and patient care expertise set me up for success in orthodontic procedures.

Being a Registered Dental Hygienist in orthodontics has sharpened my skills, not only clinically, but intellectually. The daily variety of patients, appliances, and procedures keeps me from burning out. I love the fast paced environment that helps me to excel in many areas of my expertise.

Generally hygienists don’t have much opportunity for growth. The amount I have learned through this practice, treating patients under top Orthodontists in the Capital Region is immeasurable. Knowledge is always growing as we strive to adapt to updated technologies that truly improve the patient and clinician experience.

I have never experienced such teamwork and closeness as I have while working in orthodontics. There is an open clinic concept so you aren’t stuck alone in your own room all day. Interacting with my co-workers and other patients brings such a fun atmosphere. I am so grateful to work with such a great group that is so willing to help no matter the task!”