We get asked the question everyday – can my underbite be fixed with Invisalign clear aligners? The answer is yes, Invisalign is helpful in treating underbites! Many people that suffer with underbites seek out orthodontic treatment to correct it. Clear Invisalign aligners help to gradually straighten and correct underbites in a way that is unnoticeable. Invisalign eliminates the issues pertaining to bulky and uncomfortable traditional braces and can be used for people of all ages, tailored to each unique need.


What is an Underbite?

An underbite is dental condition where the lower front teeth are positioned further forward than the upper teeth. Therefore, when biting down, the lower jaw sits too far forward. An ideal position for the teeth should reflect parallelism as the teeth line up with one another.


Why Should You Fix an Underbite? 

The future of your oral and dental health can depend on the alignment of your jaw. If this condition goes untreated, it can quickly result in teeth wear, decay, and can create difficulties eating and chewing. Underbites can also result in long term headaches and even speech issues in the future. Aesthetically speaking, correcting an underbite can restore confidence back to your smile! Using Invisalign guarantees comfort, ease, and remains extremely unobtrusive.


Underbite Correction with Invisalign

Invisalign now makes it significantly easier to align your teeth without the discomfort of braces or pain from undergoing surgery. Cooney Orthodontics uses the newest, most cutting-edge technologies to treat each individual patient. To begin the process, dentists will take panoramic scans of the patient’s jaw and tailor a custom plan to correct the misalignment. These aligners should be worn 22 hours of the day and taken out when eating or cleaning your teeth. According to each specific plan, new aligners will be sent to the patient periodically to ensure the teeth are placed in proper positions overtime.


Invisalign Vs. Traditional Braces

Invisalign aligners create significant advantages over traditional braces. The aligners are unnoticeable while they fix your smile and extremely user friendly. Also, the discomfort of traditional braces is eliminated with each custom fit design. The aligners are easy to clean and maintain, and also allow your complete freedom when it comes to all your favorite foods. Since the aligners are removed when eating, nothing will ever get stuck between them like traditional braces.


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